Lets Work Together!

Chairman Message

Over the past years we have made major progress towards our goal of ranking among the industry leaders in our business. We had the inspiration to dream, the strength to persist, and a desire to build a business that is second to none. Our business strategy was based on common-sense principles: hard work, clear vision and value for the client.

Today, Sultan Printing Industries is a much larger operation and as I look around, I see an organization of strong leaders and exceptional individuals – talented and dedicated professionals who always put the client’s interest above all others.

What has set us apart is a deep commitment to development and an innate ability to look into the needs and aspirations of our clients. As Sultan Printing Industries continues to expand with tremendous momentum, our energy remains solidly rooted in our core business – Printing and Graphic Design – one of the country’s fastest growing business sectors.

Finally, throughout its record our organization has been guided by a commitment to innovation, and I am firmly convinced that innovation will remain the key to our success in the future, as we will devote our full energies to continuing on this path. I can only promise that in the years ahead we aim to achieve dynamic organic growth fueled by acquiring the latest innovations in the Technology & Design fields. And, as in the past, we will remain open to opportunities to further strengthen our position through a diverse network of alliances & partnerships.


Sultan Printing Industries aims to be a regional leader in the field of printing and design. Thus providing our customers from
all around the Gulf and MENA Region with the most innovative designs and state of the art technology.


We are committed to providing the highest level of standards for all our customers. We will exceed their expectations by serving them competently, efficiently, and with all the courtesy needed. At Sultan Printing Industries we recognize that we never get a second chance to make a first impression! We also offer added value to our customers by providing them with the premier quality of printed products, extraordinary service and competitive prices. We are persistently challenged to improve our value proposition for our clientele.

We are committed to frequently raising our standards through innovation and creativity. We will also create a tailored experience that is inviting, exciting and enjoyable for all our clients!


Abdullah Sultan Ben Essa